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Ever wished you could simply grasp a few moments of "quiet time" out of thin air?  Felt so rushed you wanted to clone yourself?  When's the last time you curled up with a good book?

Reading was often looked at as having a portal to the world.  Reading to a young child may have become a lost art, and many of us seem to prefer scanning the internet, seldom picking up the printed word anymore.

"Some of my fondest memories were waiting for the country bookmobile to arrive, only to rush out and browse the shelves, reading title after title knowing I had a limit of only five books, trying hard to decide between all those wonderful stories just waiting to be read.  Then having the rules bent and my struggling to carry a huge stack of books home to read during those warm summer days." ~ Councellor  

Deliberately schedule some quiet time each day and expand your reading closet by checking out a new book.

To help you make the most of those important moments, we offer some of what we consider to be "the-best-of-the-best" novels and short stories.  Here you might find, novels, short stories, even perhaps some "do-it-yourself" books.  One thing's for sure, you'll expand your reading closet and who knows, you might re-discover the long lost art of reading for enjoyment. 

We hope you'll join us each month as we offer new and exciting reviews  Thank you for visiting "the Reading Closet".

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After the read...

We’ve had the wonderful opportunity of sharing J. Lloyd Morgan’s first novel “The Hidden Sun”. If we were asked to describe this book in one word we would have to say a breathless “Wow”. His eloquent writing method using multiple character relationships interwoven with riveting action scenes give this novel a unique “one of a kind“ style compared with some of the books being released today. It’s an invigorating change to the “one hero, one villain, one story approach and one we thoroughly enjoyed.

The Hidden Sun subtly grabbed us in what could only be accurately described as a “great big warm bear hug” and enveloped us into a vast array of twists and turns always leaving us suspecting but not quite sure, only to be pleasantly surprised as each relationship unfolded.

And what relationships they are! Portrayed in the “Middle Ages”, we find ourselves taken back to our youth when imaginations ran vivid and wild with visions of “Robin Hood and Maid Marian”. We find ourselves rooting for almost all the characters. Almost you might ask? Well there’s no shortage of “lower morality” incorrigible types who brought out the “revenge is sweet” emotion in us. In the end we found ourselves smiling and crying, laughing and shouting, demanding justice, and dreading the moment when the pages would end as we knew the story would unfortunately come to a close.

We made a pleasant discovery however, by being curious enough to read the prologue to “The Waxing Moon”. We found that the story from “The Hidden Sun” seems to continue, to our immense satisfaction, but now we find ourselves in a greater quandary being hopelessly hooked and impatiently awaiting what we are confident will be Mr. Morgan’s next great novel.

Thank you, J. Lloyd Morgan for allowing us to share such a wonderful story. We strongly recommend that everyone add this book to their “must read” list and rush out to get this book. It’s one fantastic read.

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