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"Retributions Blade", often referred to as just "RB" for short, is a level 48 - "CONTENT EXPLORATION" style guild in the online MMORPG (massively multiple online roll players game) called Everquest2Extended, housed on the Freeport server.  The Guild's tier 1 Guild Hall is located in the city of New Halas in the Frostfang Sea region of Norrath.  

We accept members who are:
  • - Adventure level 10 or higher
  • - Of any Class or Race
  • - Main Characters or Alts
  • - Sixteen (16) years of age or older (real life)
  • - Have similar play-styles and goals as us
  • - Mature acting, Generous and Supportive
  • - Willing to participate in a “get acquainted” group session lasting about 15 minutes in length
  • - Willing to work together to accomplish common goals and quests
  • - Willing to register on the guild website within two days of joining
  • - Willing to read the Orientation Page or Orientation Book

Our Demographics are:
  1. - Age Range: 16 - 71
  2. - Countries: Australia, Denmark, United States
  3. - Timezones: PST, CST, EST, GMT
  4. - Life Skills: Authors, Disabled, Homemakers, Finance Managers, Retired
There are many adjectives that describe who we are. Words such as "polite", "generous", "supportive", "professional" and "accepting", ALL accurately portray our behaviors providing you act likewise and refrain from excessive bouts of profanity outbursts, drunken disorderly conduct, or abusive verbal taunts and tirades towards yourself or others.  We aren't police nor do we have "rent-a-cops".  Instead, we expect you to control yourself and not hurt yourself or others.  We don't use the term "family friendly" because we aren't a group of children, nor do we babysit, and we understand that an occasional profanity may sometimes slip.  

Those who find RB a good fit, have decided to "self-impose" an elevated set of character traits and expect that from their guild mates in return.  In RB, we seek to avoid profanity whenever possible, solve issues that would otherwise cause drama, look at the humor in serious issues, and accept the support of members as "family" during trials and tribulations.  You don't have to be a college professor, nor do you have to spell perfectly (that's why they invented "spell-check").  We simply ask you to give as much as you take and recognize this is a game in which everyone has good days and bad and we all make mistakes.

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