Friday, November 25, 2011

What I've been doing lately...

To some, a guild leader is this unimaginative figurehead, a leader of sorts, perhaps that "go-to" person you keep in your shirt pocket, only to pull out when you need something, want to complain or simply someone to vent at once in a while.  I'd like to think of a guild leader as something a bit more important or a little less "simple".

My goal with today's post is to give you a little peek into the workings of a Guild Leader's brain (or lack of as, in some cases, it might be).

Most days lately, I spend my time at what I quietly and with less confidence refer to, as "puttering".  Deaura tends to roll her eyes at my puttering and I've even caught a telltale wisp of "if you'd do less puttering..." comments as I try to get back to doing what most guys do best (yes you got it "puttering").

Puttering, in my world, may be a bit different than most.  For me, it consists of my completing the tasks I failed to get done the day before, and planning for the tasks I'll need to do later in the day, such as thinking of other things I might need to do.   Yes I think we both may be on track to understanding how productive my days can be <as I display this "not a thought in my head" blank stare and smile>.

Since Thanksgiving is rapidly drawing to a close, and yes I know it was only yesterday, I decided I'd try to put meaning to my actions and start my own "bucket-list" You know, those lists we create thinking that we MUST complete them before we depart this realm into the afterlife?

However... to do that would mean I'd need to be a whole lot more productive than I've been in the past twelve months which I'm not too sure I'm well equipped to do!  So perhaps instead I'll sit here and think on my future bucket-list, doing what I do best... "puttering!"

~ Councellor